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Why The All-Star Game Shouldn’t Count

-David S.-

Currently, whoever wins the All-Star game gets home field advantage for the World Series.  This is supposed to give players the incentive to play hard to win and make the game entertaining.  Even if it does give the players something to play for,  I don’t think it’s fair for the two teams that make it into the World Series.  This year the AL won the All-Star game 6-3.  Therefore, the AL team in the WS gets home field advantage.  Let’s say that the Minnesota Twins and the St. Louis Cardinals play each other in the World Series this October.  The Twins would get into the playoffs by being a Wild Card team, while the Cards own the best record in all of Major League baseball.  Game Seven would be played at Target Field in Minnesota instead of in St. Louis. It just doesn’t make sense that a team that barely gets into the playoffs gets an advantage over the best team in baseball.  Shouldn’t the team with the higher winning record have home field advantage?  The problem with the All-Star game is that in my example the Cardinals wouldn’t be rightfully rewarded.  So, a fun exhibition game, like the All Star Game, could effect the outcome of a team’s World Series hopes by possibly awarding an “unearned” home field advantage.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the All-Star game.  I  just don’t think the Cardinals should be playing Game Seven away from their electric home just because K-Rod pitched a bad inning at the All-Star Game.  Each playoff team should use the regular season as a way to decide their World Series destiny so it’s fully in their control.  The chances, of the Cardinals winning Game Seven at home is much greater than being away.  Most importantly, (according to my theoretical example), I would much rather see the Cardinals lose Game Seven at home with the whole stadium crying…A beautiful site………:)

#BlameLucroy…..Only Cry Baby Cardinal Fans

-David S.-

St. Louis is crying again!  I am not bashing on Adam at all.  He’s a great pitcher who I respect, and yet I’m very jealous of his pitching performances against the Brew Crew.  Adam Wainwright struggled in his All-Star start.  So, there’s no way it could possibly be his fault….  So….let’s blame Jonathan Lucroy!  Why not, right?  Yea, that’s right.  Cardinal fans unite and cry because supposedly Lucroy caused Wainwright’s struggle.  The Cardinal fans have reached an all-time low!  Did you know Wainwirght would have had the loss if Lucroy didn’t clutch hit?  So it’s not Adam’s fault for pitching poorly?

Wainwright on pitching to Derek Jeter: “I was gonna give him a couple pipe shots. He deserved it. I didn’t know he was gonna hit a double or I might have changed my mind.”

He did later take the comments back, stating they were jokes.  Still, read the line above, that doesn’t seem like a joke to me.

Online comments are on fire from Cardinals fans blaming Lucroy.  I say, Sour Grapes you crybabies!!!  If I didn’t know better, I’d say Tony La Russa is behind this conspiracy……….

Seriously man!?!? Who and why would do that?

Come on Cardinals fans, have some class!!!  Do you honestly believe Lucroy plotted to make Adam Wainwright pitch poorly?  Could it really be that Adam just pitched poorly?

Shoot! I just spilled my drink #BlameLucroy.

This rivalry just got a little more heated.

Stadiums to Visit and to Avoid!

-David S.-

If I could go on a dream baseball roadtrip, I have a list of stadiums I would want to go to visit as well as one I’d just skip.

I want to go to……..

5. Great American ballpark (Cincinatti Reds).  From watching my Brew Crew playing there often I think this park looks great.  It’s known as a “home run launching pad.”  I hear the food is great and it’s a very big visually interesting ballpark.  It would be cool to see the Ohio River in the background in right field.

4. Oakland Coliseum (Oakland Atheletics).  The A’s are my second favorite team because of BIlly Bean and his sabermetrics.  This stadium just looks like a classic to me.  The set up looks old fashioned which I find interesting and nostalgic.  Although the fans do have a bad reputation there,  it doesn’t stop me from wanting to go and check it out.

3. Coors Field (Colorado Rockies).  When I was younger I called them the COWDOWADO WOKIES and my parents always loved to hear me say that.  I’ve since grown out of that speech “issue”, thank God.  That was really random, but yeah….   I think this field has an amazing backdrop with the towering Rocky Mountains that look majestic.  (Wow, that sounds poetic.)  Besides, a relative, Lance Painter, was drafted by and played for the Rockies for several years so I am biased to appreciate the team – even if they wear purple.

2. Busch Stadium (St. Louis Cardinals).  I  like seeing the the giant arch in the backround.  Some of my friends have gone there and they said it was great with REALLY good food.  YUM.  Besides, I would like to go and heckle the team that is the arch nemesis of the Brewers. -Know thy enemy!

1. Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox).  Just a classic park.  Over 100 years old with red seats full of history.  Who wouldn’t love seeing or sitting up in the Green Monster.  This park is just awesome.

Of course I would finish this dream trip with a game at Miller Park-great stadium, great team,  greatest fans!

Stadium NOT worth my presence!!!   The loser is……..

MARLIN’S PARK!!!!!  Who on Earth makes a park that isn’t kid friendly in some areas (especially left field)? Nightclub with pool, “dancers” and “body painting”?!?!?! Baseball should always be family friendly! If my mom or dad is covering my eyes, I can’t see the game!  Also look at that hilarious home run celebration with rainbow colors and Marlins swimming behind bullet proof glass in center field. It’s tacky Vegas meets Carnival topped off with a bad team!!

Where would you go?

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