Yu Darvish

And the Rookie of the Year is………

I’ve been thinking about which player  is most likely to win the Rookie of the Year for each of the  leagues.  This year has a very dominant rookie class of ballplayers.  In the NL you have many future possible stars.  The cream of the crop includes Bryce Harper, Taylor Green, Norichika Aoki, Trevor Bauer, and Julio Teheran and many more.  The question is, who is the best…..?

DAVID’S PICK     –    NL Rookie of the Year:  Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals

I would be pretty surprised to see anyone else win this award.  Bryce is ridicoulsly amazing.  He looks like the next Ryan Braun, or maybe even better.  He has huge hitting power to all fields, but also hits for good average.  Bryce is only 19 and he is already making a name for himself.  Harper has a huge career in front of him.

The AL also has a talented selection rookies as well.  Some possibilities include Yu Darvish, Yoenis Cespedes, Mike Trout, Matt Moore, and many more.


DAVID’S PICK   –   AL Rookie of the Year:  Mike Trout, Angels

Mike Trout is all around a great player.  He can field, and is super fast.  His power is outrageous.  Trout has drawn may comparisons to Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays.  Mike and Bryce are pretty similar players in my opinion.  They both hit for average, have some serious power, and both play outfield.  These players have a bright future and may become superstars one day!

Rangers and Darvish Agree to Deal

The Texas Rangers reported that they have signed Japanese superstar pitcher Yu Darvish for 6 years and $60 million dollars.  They Paid a bid to Darvish’s Japanese team for record-setting $52 million dollars. The Rangers are set to pay over $100 million dollars which puts them most likely out of the Prince Fielder race. This was a very risky move which I’m surprised with.  Other scenarios with Japanese stars haven’t turned out well because some players can’t adapt to the MLB. In my personal opinion I think they should’ve pursued Prince Fielder which they were sure to get a great all-star player. I think the bid is outrageously high on hopes that it will pay off. Yu Darvish was amazing though in Japan. He was un unstoppable with outstanding stats. I don’t know how Japanese hitters are compared to the MLB. In 2009 Yu Darvish made the Japan World Classic team.

Y u Darvish 2011 Stats

W: !8         L: 6         1.44 ERA    G: 28       Ip: 232      SO: 276

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